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Independent specialists in agile software development and industrial IT

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We offer developers and specialists in industrial IT (MES, ERP, e-commerce) who expand an existing team or add additional capacity through an external Scrum team.

Our office is located at Science Park Skövde, Sweden, and we operate on a global level.

We have fun together

Looking for a change? Join an agile company in growth that puts you in the front seat for your future career development!

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We offer a range of services in software development and IT

Software developer

Have one of our highly skilled software developer expand your existing team. An Addgile developer will quickly join your team to develop simple and qualitative frontends or backends for web, mobile and cloud. We have experience from multiple tech stacks.

Business support

Although we are a true agile company, we know that larger organizations need help with strategic decisions, requirements, user training, documentation or help in the transition to become agile. Regardless of your current challanges, we have experts who may help you. For industrial IT we have experience in MES and ERP solutions, like Proficy and SAP, as well as in e-commerce solutions.

DevOps Team

We are a great team being used to working together, so why not bring in a highly effective agile DevOps team to your business to get started with development and operations in no time. Our team will mainly work remotely from our office with a focus on what gives the most value to your company according to your priorities.


Through our partner Swondmand, we build custom made software for your business on demand for web, mobile and cloud based on micro services technology.

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Everyone at Addgile is a certified Scrum Master

We are eager to change your future

The Addgile team

We’re a growing team of specialists in software development and IT. The team consists of talented people who love collaboration and doing fun things together.

We are enablers

At Addgile we encourage innovation and creating simple, understandable and qualitative software that is sustainable and easy to maintain. Being agile is part of our DNA and we love to share our thoughts and practices with you.

Our heritage

Although we come from different places with different backgrounds, we share something in common in our curiosity to change the world for the better.

Team spirit

Joining Addgile means being part of a close-knit team that is open to new team members, that cares about each other, is transparent and honest. Together we live and learn new things every day. We create the future.

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Addgile - adds brightness through IT


Preferred supplier of innovative, uncomplicated and sustainable software and IT services for businesses and consumers.


Deliver innovative, uncomplicated, and sustainable software and IT services efficiently through agile methods for the world and beyond.


Encourage innovation and sustainability. Focus on what´s best for the user. Drive efficiency through agile methods. Continuously evolve through life experience and education. Work with local presence in a global context.


The company name originates from the word agile (ajəl) and is pronounced in the same way. The agile manifesto is the foundation of the company soul. Addgile is also a game of words (add+gile), where gile is an irish word for brightness or whiteness.

We aim to make the world brighter through IT.

Your new career begins here

We are hiring

At Addgile, we’re constantly looking for talents within software development and IT. For us, a talent is someone who can adopt to change, can focus getting things done, and is eager to learn new things.

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Your career is important

Our employees are our greatest asset, and we will focus on you and your career development to take you to higher levels.

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A great team

You will be part of a great team of talents working together to achieve goals that add value to end users, sharing knowledge with each other and doing fun things together after work.

Meet the team
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Let us add some brightness to your future

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Your career is not only the daily work


We are here at Skövde Science City!

Work at an office at Science Park Skövde, near Skövde city and travel centre and the University of Skövde. Whether you walk, cycle, ride a skateboard or an electric scooter, bus, train, or car, it's easy to get here.

Agile career development

At Addgile, we have chosen our own way of working with career development. Agile practices are key to our company, so also to your development plan and therefore we adapt and evolve continuously to give you the best opportunities for the future.


Some benefits you get with Addgile: Laptop, mobile phone, fitness reimbursement (yearly 5000 SEK, maximum allowed in Sweden), health insurance, collective agreement including ITP1 pension and insurances, fruit and fika at the office, profit sharing.

Team activities

Besides work, we do things together like sports activities, hackathons, knowledge sharing sessions, conferences, after work events and more. Simply having fun together!

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Presenting Godot
Addgile office

Open positions

Spontaneous application

We are always open for spontaneous applications. Do you think that you are a fit for the team, contact us at or +46 731 51 67 77.

Group picture team members at Addgile

The team

Magnus Löfgren

Magnus Löfgren

CEO / Software Developer

Magnus is very interested in agile practices and tech, both at work and at home. He has over 20 years of experience from various roles in software development and IT and started his programming career on a C128/64 in the mid 80's at the age of seven.

Area of expertise: .NET, Azure, C#, Xamarin, Java, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Power BI

Certifications: SAFe® 5 DevOps Practitioner, SAFe® 4 Agilist, Scrum Master, REQB Certified Professional

Business areas: Industrial IT (MES/ERP), Fintech, Smartphones

Characteristics: Ambitious, Doer, Humble

Special super power: can make a loud palatal sound

Andreas Henriksson

Andreas Henriksson

Software Developer

Andreas takes on any development task with great accuracy. He sees the whole picture and hence has an eye for long-term solutions. Gives end-users great help from requirements to development to support with great entusiasm. All the experience from multiple large companies makes him confident.

Area of expertise: .NET, Azure, C#, Xamarin, Java, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Power BI

Certifications: SAFe® 5 DevOps Practitioner, Scrum Master

Business areas: Industrial IT (MES/ERP), Transportation

Characteristics: Accurate, Humble, Problem solver

Special super power: Incredible hamstrings strength

Anton Erikssen

Anton Erikssen

Software Developer

A doer always committed to help end-users solving all various problems. Strives to improve and be better than yesterday's version. Starts any conversation without difficulties. A king when it comes to understanding manufacturing processes and workflows.

Area of expertise: .NET, Azure, C#, Xamarin, Java, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Power BI, testing

Certifications: SAFe® 5 DevOps Practitioner, Scrum Master

Business areas: Industrial IT (MES/ERP)

Characteristics: Commited, Problem solver, Social, Adaptive

Special super power: Can make any situation into a funny one!

Carljohan Danling

Carljohan Danling

Software Developer

Carljohan has +2 years experience from software development with main focus on C# and Java. He likes to write code that is easy to understand, maintain and expand. While most comfortable with backend, he also enjoys getting his hands dirty in frontend too.

Area of expertise: .NET, C#, Java, SQL, Azure

Certifications: Scrum Master

Business areas: -

Characteristics: Humble, calm & team player

Special super power: Quite good at acoustic guitar

Christian Elmhäll

Christian Elmhäll

Software Developer

Christian is very intrested in software development, both backend and frontend. Although he has special intrest in backend development, he creates frontend applications with confidence. When he is not at work, he's doing personal coding projects and hanging out with friends.

Area of expertise: .NET, Azure, C#, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Angular, PHP, Vue.js, Laravel

Certifications: SAFe® 5 DevOps Practitioner, Scrum Master

Business areas: Industrial IT (e-commerce)

Characteristics: Social, Calm, Positive, Humble

Special super power: Creates delicious cinnamon buns

Jacob Bengtsson

Jacob Bengtsson

Software Developer

Jacob is the newest member in the team and a Software Developer and IT specialist who has a special interest in backends and also enjoys solving end-users' issues. He is eager to contribute as quick as possible in adding value to end-users.

Area of expertise: C#, .Net, NHibernate, WPF, Java, Android, SQLite, Powershell

Certifications: Scrum Master

Business areas: Industrial IT (MES/ERP)

Characteristics: Social, Calm, Humble

Special super power: He will tell you more about the powers when you meet

Jesper Hurtig

Jesper Hurtig

Software Developer

A full stack developer that is our latest employee here at Addgile. More info about Jesper will come.

Area of expertise: .NET, C#, PHP, HTML/CSS/Javascript, SQL


Business areas: Industrial IT (MES/ERP), Finance

Characteristics: Social, Calm, Humble

Special super power: If you meet me I will tell you!

Kristina Makhoul

Kristina Makhoul

Business Analyst

Kristina is focused, committed and has always a great curiosity to learn new things. Nothing is impossible and no obstacles to high for her. She travels the world to bring immediate value to people and businesses. She is our ace in requirements, communication and understanding end-users' needs.

Area of expertise: Requirements analysis, Business modelling, User training, SQL

Certifications: Scrum Master

Business areas: Industrial IT (MES/ERP)

Characteristics: Curios, Accurate, Valuemaker

Special super power: Her powers are known only by a few people

Pontus Göth

Pontus Göth

Software Developer

Pontus is a highly skilled fullstack developer who takes on any coding challenge for the web, cloud or game development. He cares really about his colleagues and is a true contributor in sharing knowledge, like having a training session at a Developer Forum.

Area of expertise: .NET, Azure, C#, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Angular

Certifications: Scrum Master

Business areas: Industrial IT (ERP/Logistics)

Characteristics: Humble, Responsive, Solution oriented

Special super power: Doesn't say no to a challenge and always bounces back after a setback


Your Name Here?

Software Developer / Business Analyst

Are you an ambitious developer or business analyst? We are currently looking for additional Software Developers and Business Analysts to join our team at the office in Skövde. Click here to check out our open positions.

Addgile - more about us

Core values

  • Honesty - Doing the right things and being transparent to gain trust.
  • Comprehend - Embracing our customers business and needs to be able to add instant value.
  • Simplify - Keeping things simple and understandable for end users.
  • Evolve - Driving the evolution of the business through digitalization.
  • Deliver - Being 'doers' in order to generate successful, qualitative and sustainable deliveries.


Even though Addgile is a small company we work not only with local companies but also with some of Sweden´s largest companies, which are represented globally.


We support local sports associations and other organizations:

IFK Skövde Skövde AIK Tibro innebandyklubb Cancerfonden Tibro ridförening

Addgile AB is a private company founded by Magnus Löfgren in 2015